Gently sloping southeast towards the valley floor, the Tukwilla Vineyard sits in the middle of the Dundee Hills. Inaugurated in 1990 with seven acres of Pinot noir, it has expanded to a combined 19 acres of proud, gnarly vines standing tall in their trellises. The soil ranges from rich Jory clay at the top to lithe, alluvial Woodburn at the bottom where tractor implements will occasionally turn over chunks of sparkly granite deposited by the Missoula floods.

Our vineyard crew is small and dedicated. The vines are tended by the hands of José Carmen Ponce, who has contributed his stoic, quiet energy to the health of this place since 1997. On days when he’s not caring for patients as a hospital pharmacist, Lee drives tractor. Always accompanied by her dog, Kathy oversees vineyard operations daily. She can be found on the seat of the tractor or armed with shears, notepad, camera, and flagging tape walking the vineyard adding her hands to the labor, tracking vineyard progress, and staying one step ahead of the next stage of the viticultural year.

Tukwilla Vineyard:
  • 7 acres Pinot noir planted 1990 – 2006
  • Clonal diversity – Coury (Abbey) clone, Pommard, 777, 667,114
  • 8.20 acres Pinot gris planted 1992-2008
  • 2.63 acres Pinot blanc planted 1998 & 2008
  • Experimental rows of Tempranillo, Gamay, Chardonnay, Viognier, Dornfelder
LIVE Certified Sustainable

Conscious of the impact monoculture farming has on the land, the flora, and the fauna of an area, we decided to pursue certification through LIVE in 2007. LIVE encourages a holistic approach to farming with attention to preservation of native species and habitats as well as discouraging the use of certain classes of pesticides and fungicides. The strict standards of LIVE guide our annual viticulture routine and push us towards the higher aspiration of a balanced whole-farm system.