Burton Bittman Wines began in 1987 when a pair of young farmers bought a portion of a family farm in the Dundee Hills with the vision of creating their own family farm. The Tukwilla Vineyard is sustainably farmed by the people who own it and has been the source of fruit for some of the great wines produced by Erath Vineyards, R.Stuart & Co., Lange Estate Winery, and The Eyrie Vineyards.

Spring sunset at Tukwilla Vineyards

In 2010, winemaker Anneka Miller – daughter of the farmers – started producing a limited release of Pinot noir from her family’s vineyard. Driven by perseverance and an independent spirit, Burton Bittman offers honest wines that have been shepherded through their vinification with the aim of capturing the details of their origin and presenting them in an accessible, authentic way.

Cluster forming Spring 2013